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Savvy shopping, seasonal eating and thrifty recipes. Spend less on groceries and enjoy better tasting, easy to prepare meals your friends and family will love – all on a budget.

About Me & Contact Details

My name is Michelle Rice.  I'm an expat New Zealander and married Mum of 3 daughters and a baby son. I currently live in Cambridgeshire, England and am on maternity leave from my job with the NHS. I am also a School Governor, and enthusiastic allotment gardener.  My favourite hobbies and things I love doing most, aside from spending time with my family, are: cooking, baking, making preserves and chutneys, crochet, knitting, gardening, sewing, embroidery and fabric crafts.

I'm happy to be contacted by PRs and Brands representing products and/or services relevant to the content of this blog.

If you would like to get in touch, please email me (utterlyscrumptious@gmail.com) or tweet me. Please note, I do not routinely publish press releases or product news. 

I do however enjoy reviewing gadgets, books, products, attending events, cookery masterclasses and visiting new places.  Please see my Sample Policy for details.

I am happy to be contacted regarding sponsored posts and advertising opportunities on my blog but do not sell follow links and all sponsored content will be disclosed as such.  

Should you wish to send me samples, products or books, please DO NOT address them to Utterly Scrumptious!  I have had many cringe-worthy, embarrassing and difficult moments at the Post Office Collection Depot when this has been the case.  Given that I look rather jaded, harassed and knackered after a morning school run, it can be rather difficult to prove that I am indeed Utterly Scrumptious.  Please address all postal items to Michelle Rice as it will spare my blushes and much confusion, giggling and winking by Post Office staff, many thanks.